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Features                                                                         Regulars
        23  Do not disturb                                                               Columns
           Are prevailing control                                                        7   Richard Jones
           limits for managing                                                           10  Andrew Sharman
           asbestos sufficient or
           should a bolder approach                                                      20  Events
           be adopted?
                                                                                         60  Lexicon
        30  Known unknowns                                                                  O is for observation
           Fragrances and
           flavourings giant                                                             61  Off duty
           Givaudan has developed                                                           Jessica Grove, HS
           an EHS Excellence model                                         23               administrator, Peregrine
           to help all staff to become                                    COVER             Live Foods and dressage
           safety leaders                                                 STORY             rider
                                                                                         62  Recruitment
        39  Crack the code
           Businesses that
           accurately code employee
           crashes can identify                                                                              39
           areas for improvement,
           helping to prevent future
           incidents and potential


        Work at height               44

        44  High priorities
           Recommendations from a
           UK parliamentary group’s                                   48
           report, Staying Alive, to
           reduce falls
        48  Table talk: fall protection
           Innovations in technology
           and encouraging the
           disclosure of poor working
           practices were among
           the issues discussed by
           industry experts

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