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The world authority
                                                                                        in powered access

             Certifi ed IPAF PAL Card is proof                         Annually updated course content
             of platform operator training to                       based on feedback from instructors
             the highest standard.                                  and trainees

             Global database of all valid                                                   Complies with
           PAL Card holders                                                                legal requirements

             Training delivered by                                                          Focus on safety
           highly qualifi ed instructors                                                    & e   ciency

                 Online verifi cation of PAL Cards:                    Over 30 years of
                                     industry experience

              Smart technology &                   Comprehensive range                 Now able to carry the CSCS
              fraud protected                      of training courses                 logo in the UK

              Courses available in                 Used by manufacturers of            Reassurance: A valid PAL Card
              multiple languages                   equipment worldwide                 proves the holder has passed
                                                                                       an approved and audited IPAF
              Optimal instructor-to-              Operator theory module can be        theory and practical test within
              candidate ratio                     taken remotely via eLearning         the past fi ve years

           Safe.       Audited.      Internationally recognised.
                                                                                        Certifi ed by TÜV
        The IPAF Powered Access Licence or PAL Card is recognised worldwide             as conforming to
        across industries as proof of platform operator training to the highest         ISO 18878
        standard. It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation
        (IPAF) to platform operators who successfully complete a training course
        and pass a test at an IPAF-approved training centre. Ask for the PAL Card
        as proof of operator training!

        Find your nearest IPAF approved training centre at
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