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          SIG Trading pleaded guilty to
        breaching s 2(1) of the Health   HSE research            Despite the safety benefits,   results, particularly compared
        and Safety at Work Act and was                        the HSE acknowledges that the   with conventional visual
        ordered to pay costs of almost   projects to build    limitations of RVI technologies   inspection. The final work
        £23,600 (see for                       have yet to be thoroughly   package will pull together the
        more information).          wearables and             explored. It notes that variables   outputs and produce draft good
          After the accident the                              such as lighting and surface   practice. A workshop will then
        company revised its risk    RVI capabilities          quality can have a significant   be held to share feedback and
        assessment, conducted a full                          effect on image quality, the   finalise the guide.
        review of machinery operations   The Health and Safety Executive   process from image capture   The wearables project
        and securely bolted the control   (HSE) is seeking sponsors to   to damage recognition is not   ( will explore
        foot pedal to the floor. Workers   co-fund two research projects to   standardised, and there are gaps   how to overcome the barriers to
        now caught working in the   improve the use of remote visual   in understanding the influence   the effective adoption of these
        danger zone face dismissal for   inspection (RVI) technologies   of human factors.  devices, which will be equipped
        gross misconduct.           and increase wearables take-up   A steering group of   with positioning technologies
          In 2012 a SIG Trading     in the workplace.         operators, inspection     and coupled with sensors.
        employee was crushed against a   The RVI project aims to   companies, technology   The HSE has recognised that
        wall by a lorry at its Eccles   develop an evidence base to   providers and the HSE is   a “dynamic rolling programme
        warehouse in Greater        inform safety and operational   to oversee delivery of four   of work” is needed to keep
        Manchester, resulting in a   efficiency ( As   technical work packages.   pace with innovation and
        £12,000 fine. In the previous   the HSE explains, advances   The first will consider current   maximise the safety benefits of
        year it had to pay £36,000 after a   in access technologies such   technologies and practices   wearables.
        worker sustained serious injuries   as unmanned aerial vehicles   while the second will design and   It has proposed a framework
        when a forklift truck twice ran   and remotely operated   conduct a series of inspection   for a joint research programme
        him over at its warehouse in   vehicles, coupled with imaging   trials to benchmark technologies   to consider issues such as the
        Livingston, Scotland.       technology, have enabled   now in use, imaging methods   prevention of musculoskeletal
          In 2010 SIG Manufacturing   industries to remove humans   and human performance.   disorders, fatigue detection
        was fined £25,000 after an   from visual inspections in some   The third will assess how   and the use of geo-fencing to
        employee lost parts of three   high-risk environments, such   human factors can affect the   control access to hazardous
        fingers in an unguarded     as work at height.        quality and reliability of RVI   areas.
        machine press.

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