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        EDF and Doosan Babcock                                Babcock was fined £150,000   In Short
                                                              after it admitted breaching
                                                              reg 4(1) of the Work at Height
        fined £350,000 over                                   Regulations. Each was ordered   Quarry worker killed
                                                              to pay half of the prosecution
                                                                                         Republic of Ireland-based
        Hinkley skylight fall                                 costs of £36,354. (See table   Harrington Concrete and
                                                              below for how the judge applied
                                                                                         Quarries has been fined
                                                              the sentencing guidelines.)  €500,000 after a worker fell into
                                                                EDF’s station director at   an unguarded stone crusher at
                                                              Hinkley Point B, Peter Evans,   the company’s quarry in County
                                                              said after the hearing: “We   Mayo. Joseph Harrington, who
                                                              fully accept the decision of the   was not related to the employer,
                                                              court and we are sorry that this   was releasing a blockage when
                                                              incident happened […] We will   he fell in June 2015.
                                                              do everything we can to learn
                                                              lessons and to stop this
                                                              happening again.”
                                                                Accounts filed at        New mums’ job protection
                                                              Companies House showed EDF   The UK government is
                                                              turned over £2.69bn in 2017.   consulting on extending legal
         An employee of Doosan Babcock fell through an unprotected skylight at Hinkley Point B  The company said it provided   protection against redundancy
                                                              training to managers to    for pregnant women and new
        EDF Energy Nuclear         power station [in North    “ensure they understand their    mothers on maternity leave for
        Generation (EDF-NGL) and   Ayrshire, Scotland].       responsibility for the safety of   up to six months after they
        engineering firm Doosan      “ONR issued improvement   the employees that they set to   return to work. A study found
        Babcock have been fined    notices to both EDF-NGL and   work” and had set up a    one in 19 women had been fired
        £350,000 in total after    Doosan Babcock, requiring   confidential helpline “to help   or dismissed when they returned
        a worker was seriously     them to put in place       to eradicate unsafe practices   to work after giving birth.
        injured in a fall at Hinkley   appropriate safety measures to   and safeguard our employees”.
        Point B power station near   ensure that such risks are   Doosan Babcock reported a
        Bridgwater in Somerset.    properly controlled in the   turnover of £356.3m in 2017.
          EDF-NGL is the site licence   future. Both companies have   Last year the company achieved   Missing meat grinder guard
        holder and Doosan Babcock is a   since complied with these   certification to ISO 45001, the   The owner of a butcher’s shop
        contractor that undertakes work   notices and have delivered   new international management   in Wellington, Shropshire, must
        there on its behalf.       necessary improvements to   standard for occupational   pay £2,040 after he failed to
          The Office for Nuclear   ensure that such risks are   safety and health.       comply with a prohibition notice
        Regulation (ONR) brought the   properly controlled.”    Donald Urquhart, ONR’s   on an unguarded meat grinder.
        prosecution against the two   Dominic Kay and Simon   deputy chief inspector and   The machine could grind 21 lb
        companies after a Doosan   Antrobus, defending EDF and   director of operating facilities   of meat a minute and workers
        Babcock employee fell through   Doosan Babcock respectively,   regulation, said: “The level of   were at risk of amputation, said
        an unprotected skylight during   told Taunton Crown Court both   financial penalty in this case is   Telford and Wrekin Council.
        welding work on the roof of a   companies had carried out “root   not a matter on which ONR has
        gas turbine on 12 April 2017.  and branch” reviews of their   a view. As an independent
          The accident was a       work-at-height procedures.  regulator, what matters to me
        conventional health and safety   EDF pleaded guilty to   is the safety of workers and the   New electrical safety rules
        matter and there was no nuclear   breaching s 3(1) of the Health   public on and around nuclear   From June, landlords will be
        or radiological risk to workers   and Safety at Work Act and was   licensed sites.”  legally required to ensure that
        or the public, the ONR said.  fined £200,000 by Judge David   Hinkley Point B is due to be   “competent and qualified” test-
          The Somerset County Gazette   Ticehurst on 1 February. Doosan   decommissioned in 2023.  ers carry out electrical safety
        reported that Dale Smart, 27,                                                    inspections in private rented
        was on his first day back at                                                     accommodation to give tenants
        work after paternity leave when   Sentencing guidelines application              extra assurance that their homes
        he fell 1.6 m on to a cabinet and   Culpability:                       Medium    are not at risk from faults.
        then dropped 2 m to the floor.   Seriousness of harm risked:            Level A
        He sustained three cracked                                             
        vertebrae and still hasn’t   Likelihood of harm:                          Low
        returned to work.            Harm category:                                 3    Lorry driver struck
          The ONR had previously     Size of organisation:                       Large   Logistics firm PCL Transport,
        advised EDF-NGL to survey all   Turnover:             £2.69bn (EDF); £356.3m (Doosan)  which distributes chilled goods,
        roofs and erect signage but                                                      has been fined £150,000 after a
        apparently this was ignored.   Starting point for fine:               £300,000   reversing vehicle hit one of its
          An ONR spokesperson told   Mitigation:  Good safety records, full co-operation with the ONR,   delivery drivers as he carried
        IOSH Magazine: “EDF-NGL had                            reduction for early guilty pleas  out a pre-use check on his lorry
        been reminded of such risks   Penalty:                             EDF: £200,000  at a Buckinghamshire dairy on
        [presented by fragile surfaces                                  Doosan: £150,000  15 December 2015.
        such as skylights] by the ONR in              Costs of £36,354 were split between the two
        November 2015 after a visit to                     companies, to be paid within 60 days
        the company’s Hunterston B

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