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        March 2019

          In focus                                            News
                                                              4   Veolia fined £1m after
          p4                                                     refuse worker run over
                                                                 and killed
          Recycler’s £1m fine for                                MHFA wins support in
          banksman’s fatal crush                                 the House of Commons                         8
                                                              5   EDF and Doosan Babcock
          Veolia ES failed to act on risks it had identified     fined £350k over Hinkley
          in its own traffic management plan                     skylight fall              Apprentice severed fingers
                                                                                            when gloves were caught
                                                              6   SIG Trading implements    in three-roll bending
          p9                                                     gross misconduct policy    machine
                                                                 after worker loses fingers
          All-party parliamentary                                in machine             9   Amnesty management
                                                              7   HSE research projects to   culture contributed to
          group report on WaH                                    build wearables and RVI    ‘toxic’ environment
                                                                 capabilities           10  Topshop owner fined after
          Staying Alive calls for a major review of the                                     insecure queue barrier
          culture surrounding work at height                  8   Principal contractor fined   fractured girl’s skull
                                                                 £600k after worker was
                                                                 killed by dumper truck     Worker died in 7.5 m
          p26                                                                               stairwell fall
          Master black belt                                                        4    11  Rogue trader jailed over
                                                                                            worker’s roof plunge
          Lean six sigma offers a toolbox of methods                                        Govt accused of ‘turning
          for improving organisational performance                                          blind eye’ to car wash
                                                                                            worker abuse
          p54                                                                           12  Worker loses leg in oil
                                                                                            drum explosion
          Top of the world

          Health and safety consultant Drew Cook              IOSH News
          on the risks of first ascent climbing               15  UK waste collection
                                                                 systems causing          17
                                                                 musculoskeletal issues
                                                                 for workers
                                                                 Employers urged to
                                                                 protect workers from
                                                                 welding fumes
                                                              16  Case study: Selwood
                                                                 Housing Group’s success
                                                                 in tackling stress-related   17  Significant number of
                                                                                            rear seat passengers in
                                                                 IOSH highlighted in UK     UAE not wearing seat
                                                                 parliamentary debate       belts
                                                                 on mental health
                                                                                            Column: Andrew Downie
                                                                                        18  Govt ‘must act promptly’
                                                                                  15        on modern slavery
                                                                                            Blaze a trail for National
                                                                                            Apprentice Week
                                                                                            Honorary Fellowship in
                                                                                            Northern Ireland
                                                                                            New IOSH fellows

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